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Please read our answers to advertisers most common questions
I am already advertising but have not received any finder service request?
Apart from simply that your products or services may not have been requested through the finder service. This could be for one of the following reasons: 1. You may have changed your email address and not provided us with a new one. Please check your advertised email address and notify us of any changes as soon as possible. 2. Your email address may have been blocked by your ISPs SMTP server from receiving bulk emails from companies. This is a common problem that many who subscribe to AOL, hotmail and similar ISPs experience. Solution may be to change internet service provider to one that provides direct internet access i.e. BT broadband. 3. You are not currently listed in, or have not paid to advertise under the product or service category. Please refer to your advertising FAQ and terms and conditions. 4. Your account is more than 28 days overdue and we have put a hold on your account until payment is received.
How does the free finder service work?
The finder service works like this, the user using Villagefetes directory is looking for, lets say, an LPG griddle. The user can either contact each advertiser under the relevant categories individually or can opt to use the free email finder service, where we will email out the users details and requirements to advertisers for them. The finder service is often used in circumstances where suppliers of a particular item are few, the user is looking for the best quote or price, often where larger companies don't want to contact numerous individual companies and tie up staff on the phone etc.
Do I have to reply to finder service request?
You only need to reply to finder service request if you are interested in what has been requested or providing a quote. Important: If you are replying to the finder service use the method stated in the email and not the Villagefetes email address in the "from field" in your email client.
Does Villagefetes hand pick advertisers who receive finder service request?
The finder service is database driven, which means that when we receive the finder request we match the requirement to the closest matching categories of advertisers i.e. LPG catering equipment. We do not hand pick advertisers to receive finder services as this would be impossible to administer, time consuming and very costly for us. We will only widen the categories and areas if the user comes back to us with a no response from the first sent finder request.
Does my business have to pay extra to be included in the service?
This is a free service we offer to users of Villagefetes and is not part of any advertising agreement between Villagefetes and advertisers in our directory. All directory advertisers are automatically included to receive finder service request and we reserve the right to end the service at any time.
Does Villagefetes charge users for using the service?
No, this is a free service that we provide to users of Villagefetes. Users can use the the finder service as often as required and many do.
I only have a banner or impact advert, will I still receive finder services?
Regardless of what type of advert you have with us, providing that you have provided us with a valid email address you will receive finder service request.
Do you send out finder service request via printed post?
No, we do not post out finder service request, it is an email only service. You will need to provide a valid email address with your advert.
Does Villagefetes send out finder service request to non advertisers?
On occasions, where we have exhausted our paid advertiser contact list, the user is still looking for items and had no reply from advertisers on the site we will contact none paid advertisers to try to locate the products or services. Our top priority is to make sure users of the site find what they are looking for and return to use the site in the future.
How wide a spectrum of businesses use the finder service?
The wide spectrum of users range from small shops and individuals looking for simple things like wooden candy floss sticks to cafes, caterers, hotels, amusement parks and blue chip companies. We have a wide range of users from every area of the events, leisure, catering, and hospitality industries and beyond.
Can I resell, publish or redistribute finder service requests?
As clearly stated in our terms and conditions this is unacceptable and all offending individuals will be removed from receiving finder service request.
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