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Can I use the email finder service for all my buisness requirements?
Yes you can, That's the main purpose of the email finder service to help make locating products and services for your business much easier!
You can use the finder service form, the 'email category' and the 'email advertiser' forms.
Can I use the finder service to email all advertisers within a category?
Yes you can, to do this locate the required category within your selected directory area and click the 'Email category' link located at the top of each page within that category. A form will appear for you to complete and submit.
Can I use the finder service to email an individual advertiser?
Yes you can, to do this locate the advertiser you wish to contact within the directory and (if email is available) click the email envelope image above the advertisers logo box. A form will appear for you to complete and submit.
Can I use the finder service to email a selected group of advertisers?
No, we do not offer a facility to email a selected group of advertisers as part of our email finder service, we recommend that you use the method above (email advertiser) to email your selected group of advertisers individually.
How often can I use the email finder service?
You can use the 'free finder service', the 'email category' and the 'email advertiser' as many times as needed.
Do you send out email finder service request via printed post?
No. To keep the finder service a free service to all users we do not offer a printed postal service. The main first method we use is via email to ensure a quick turnaround and response. Once we have exhausted that method we may telephone suppliers subject to the type of request and time involved.
What can be done if I sent out the wrong contact details?
If you let us know as soon as you realise the error we might be able to stop and amend the finder service request before it goes out, so quickly contact us. After the finder service request has been sent out the only thing we can do is send out a "correction" or "cancellation" email finder service, however the recipient will still be in possession of all received contact methods.
Please note: We are unable to amend details sent out using the directory email advertiser link as this is an instant private email message to the advertiser.
Why did I get a poor response this time?
There can be many reasons for a poor response ranging from product hard to source, unavailable, order amount to small. Look at how your finder request was wrote out, did it give enough information about the item?
Can I use the email finder service for other business purposes?
The service is solely for businesses seeking information and quotes for business products and services. If you are looking to email out your business details for any other form of business marketing for advertising purposes the answer is NO AND WILL BE BLOCKED.
What can be done if I encounter abuse of the email finder service?
If you find that start receiving enquiries from non advertisers or discover that your details have been publicised elsewhere gather as much information as possible and contact us. As clearly stated in our terms and conditions this is unacceptable and all offending individuals will be removed from receiving email services.
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