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Our Privacy Policy as of 01/11/2004 Updated 01/06/2012


When referring to 'sites' 'website' 'websites' we are referring to,,,,, and When referring to 'Villagefetes' we are referring to the business that owns the websites above.

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1. About Villagefetes Privacy Policy

At Villagefetes we are committed to maintaining your privacy and explaining to you how we will use any information you may provide to us along with the measures in place to securely keep your information confidential. If we update or amend our privacy policy at any time we will notify you by updating this privacy policy.

2. Acceptance of This Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy statement is set out and given below, please read it carefully. If you use any of our websites, the services provided within those websites or agree to our terms and conditions for a particular service, you will be regarded as having read and accepted this privacy policy. By using our websites, you consent to the information you give us being processed for any of the purposes we have explained below, except where we have received notification by email, telephone or post from yourselves requesting otherwise. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy you must not use any of the services provided by our websites.

3. Data Protection Act 1998 (Act)

As required by the Act, we are registered as a data controller - details of which can be found online at For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 (Act), the data controller is Villagefetes (ICO Registration Number Z3227014) of Hawkins Barton, Combe Florey, Somerset TA4 3JD. The Act imposes regulations on how we collect, store and process your personal information.

4. Personal Information We Collect

4.1 Accessing the websites. As you enter our websites our server automatically logs your IP address (computer number) enabling us to record how often you return to the site and to monitor which areas of the site you have looked at, typically through our server usage statistics and access logs.
4.2 Telephone Enquiries. Your details and contact information provided during telephone calls are stored to help us improve our service and answer your enquiry.
4.3 Website forms. Identifying information may be collected should you complete any of our online forms within the various areas of the website. The information requested in these forms typically consists of name, address, email address, telephone numbers and related service information or requirements.
4.4 Website transactions. Private and financial information is collected to process payments for website services or advertising contract payments for example, bank account or credit card payment details.

5. Cookies

5.1 Cookies are small files containing text and numeric information about your browsing habits that are stored by your internet browser on your computer's hard drive. It is technically impossible for cookies to browse through or scan your computer, snoop on you or dig for private and personal information on your hard drive.
5.2 Our cookie policy is to keep where possible the use of non essential cookies to a minimum and our cookies are only used to ensure that the website functions as intended. We do not use cookies to obtain any personal or private information about users nor track what users are doing elsewhere on the internet.
5.3 Cookies set by third parties are not under the direct control of this website and we except no responsibility for the privacy and cookie policy of the third party. To control these cookies you will need to view and use the third parties own website cookie control method.
To learn about what cookies we use and how to control them click here.

6. How We Store Your Information

6.1 All information collected by Villagefetes is stored as securely as possible via a firewall protected network (blocking external access), firewall protected network local server databases and firewall protected remote online server.
6.2 Personal information and data is only available to authorised personnel working at or for Villagefetes with access privileges within the UK only.

7. How We Use Your Information

Villagefetes will use your information for the following:
7.1 To process a request or application for a service available on our websites. Typically this could include a finder or email service request, advertising order, competition entries, surveys, interactive login areas.
7.2 To enable Villagefetes to operate smoothly and improve content across our sites for future visitors.
7.3 Our own marketing purposes only. This may be to keep you informed by post or email of features, services, products and promotions from us that may be of interest to you or changes and updates to our websites.

8. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Your information will not be passed onto any third parties except under the following circumstances:
8.1 If a visitor/user/advertiser is under investigation by the authorities and where a court order has been obtained, we will release the information.
8.2 In the event of an asset sell where Villagefetes has agreed to provide to the purchasing party all asset associated personal information records.

9. Spam (unwanted email)

Villagefetes is committed to reducing Spam and make every effort to ensure that information we send out via email has been requested or will be of genuine interest to the individual or company it has been sent. As company procedure email addresses provided on all our websites forms are automatically entered into our database to receive our newsletters and websites information articles.

10. Your Right to Opt Out

You have the right to opt-out of the processing of your personal data for our marketing purposes, this can be done by:
10.1 Ticking or un-ticking certain boxes on the forms we use to collect your data.
10.2 Clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link on any marketing/newsletter emails you receive.
10.3 Notifying us via our contact form or by calling 0345 226 7373 during office hours only.

If you do not want to receive any marketing, please notify us with a list of all the email addresses you may have used in the past on our sites. Provided that correct details are given by the user, all unsubscribe requests will be processed within ten working days.

11. External Links and Websites

Villagefetes accepts no responsibility or liability for the privacy policies of any websites visitors can access through our sites. If you follow a link i.e. advertisements, directory listing to any external websites please be aware that they should have their own privacy policy and/or may place a cookie on your computer. You should check privacy policies before you submit any personal data to websites you have clicked through to.

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The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to access any information held about you, however, this will be subject to an administration fee of £10. Further information regarding this policy can be requested from us via any of the contact methods located on our contact us page.