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£POA   Status Not Available Expired Portable fly swinger
This bright colourful portable trailer version of the fly swinger was manufactured by Lamborghini in 2007 and has a total...
Portable fly swinger
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£POA   Status Not Available Expired Land train
Ideal for amusement leisure parks, large safari and animal centres as well as pleasure beachfronts. 4 wagons, 112...
Land train
Click for similar listings to... Land train
£POA   Status Not Available Expired Mini tea cup
An all time classic in a special Ali Babà themed version. The ride has 6 cups for a total of 24 seats, lights and coffee...
Mini tea cup
Click for similar listings to... Mini tea cup
£995   Status Not Available Expired Brum car children's ride
"Beep Beep" look out Brum's coming. Very popular with younger age group children and instantly recognisable...
Brum car children's ride
Click for similar listings to... Brum car children's ride
£POA   Status Not Available Expired Trailer mounted playground
Trailer mounted playground, for further details, equipment and size please contact our sales team...
Trailer mounted playground
Click for similar listings to... Trailer mounted playground
£POA   Status Not Available Expired Kiddie bumper car building
Semitrailer version, 3 axles, 16 met long. Floor dimensions 14x12 met, total dimensions 14z16met. stainless steel...
Kiddie bumper car building
Click for similar listings to... Kiddie bumper car building
£SOLD   Status Not Available Expired Take off
Manufactured by Technical Park in 1998 and is a family rotating ride. The ride has 8 vehicles with a total of 32 seats...
Take off
Click for similar listings to... Take off
£SOLD   Status Not Available Expired Mouse 30 trailer version
Manufactured by Fabbri in 2005. Major ride, 20 seats trailer version. Contact us for further details and price....
Mouse 30 trailer version
Click for similar listings to... Mouse 30 trailer version
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