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Free Listings for Existing Advertisers

Always a great deal for sellers and existing advertisers?
We have a great range of feature packed listing options for sellers to choose from including free listings for lower valued items and paid 7 day, 14 day or 28 day listings suitable for every sellers listing and selling requirements.
However, would you like to place unlimited listings for FREE?
We all love a freebie and all our existing paid directory advertisers within any of our websites are as part of their advertising package allowed to place unlimited listings within this area of Villagefetes completely free of charge!
Yes you read right, unlimited ads completely FREE of charge!
If you are already an existing paid directory advertiser within any of our websites simply create a user account and provide your directory advertiser account number*. As soon as we receive your new user account details and you verify your email address you can start placing listings for your used items. *Can be found on last invoice or call 0345 226 7373.
Just to clarify, a FREE listing does not mean a basic listing!
Only the best will do for our existing paid directory advertisers and you will always have the use of the most feature packed listing package available for all listings that you place within our used items for sale area of Villagefetes.
Not an existing directory advertiser?
One of the great benefits of being an advertiser within any of our websites directory areas is the free use of the used items for sale area in Villagefetes. It may work out cheaper to sell your used items if you are listed within any of our directories particularly if you have several items to sell or your used item is a higher value item that takes a little longer than expected to sell. So if you own or run a business connected to the events or leisure industries you could benefit from being a paid advertiser in any of our directory areas.
Call us on 0345 226 7373 or contact us for more information
Will you save money by advertising in our directories?
Looking purely from the aspect of selling your used item, if you feel that your used item will sell quickly in perhaps less than one month with a good quality listing and is a one off then quite frankly paying out for a directory listing on any of our websites we fully agree would not save you much.
However, with that said if your business is connected to or targets the events and leisure industries, it would make good business sense to become a paid directory advertiser and have the combined benefit of selling your used items as and when you want for free and twelve months advertising in one of our directories. With an option 1 listing on Countyfetes costing less than £60 per year you can't go wrong. We really can help you save money selling your used items whilst helping to promote your business at the same time!
OK let's explain more and give you a typical example
Let's say you're a mobile ice cream van operator with a fleet of 5 vans and every year you try to sell off one of your ice cream vans to replace with a new one. Valued at around let's say £15,000 it may take a few of months to sell, you're not going to part with money to sell the van in season when you can put it to work, which leaves only the out of season months to sell and we all know buyers for ice cream vans leading up to Christmas are few and far between which leaves just the pre-season months to sell and arrange purchase of a new one.
There is an easier and cheaper way! Pay out for an 'Option 1' listing on Countyfetes and advertise your ice cream van for sale on Villagefetes all year long until sold while promoting the rest of your ice cream van fleet to event organisers using Countyfetes.
Call us on 0345 226 7373 or contact us for more information
You can also list items for friends and family
Remember that once you have an advertisers account you can place unlimited listings which means you can list friends and families used items or even sell items for other individuals. Please note: All used items listings must be placed under one user account, additional accounts cannot be opened with an existing advertiser account number already in use.
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As part of the great advertising packages we offer on all our websites, directory advertisers can place unlimited ads for Free!