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Not sure how to place a listing?
Sometimes new things seem a bit confusing at first, so with the help of our guide we should be able to ease all those first time sellers nerves.
Overall creating a user account and placing a listing in our used items for sale area is a fairly simple process but we fully understand that sometimes new ways of doing things can seem a bit confusing at first, so with the help of our guide below we should be able to ease all those first time sellers nerves.
1. Create a user account
First things first, before you attempt to place a listing you will need to create a user account. Once created you will have your own user account admin area from which you can place and administer your listing/s. Please note: You will need to provide a valid email address to complete account creation process.
2. Confirm your email address
After the 'Create a new user account' form has been submitted you should receive an automated email requiring you to verify your email address. Before you can start using your new user account you must confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email. If you do not receive the verifying email please contact us or call 0345 226 7373 for assistance.
3. Log in to your user account admin area
Now that you have confirmed your email address you can now log into your new user account admin area using the 'Username' and 'Password' entered when you created your account.
4. Simply follow the place a listing (order) process steps
Once you have logged in you will find in front of you your admin panel with various options, in the middle column called 'Listings' click 'Place a listing'. The steps below will need to be completed as you go through the process of adding a listing (order) with the possible exception of the fourth step.
Step 1. Select a listing option from the selection of options.
You can compare all available listing options by clicking on 'Listing Options' in your admin panel without loosing the page that you are on.
Step 2. Select a suitable category for your listing to be placed under.
Don't worry if you select the wrong category you can move your listing to a more suitable category at any time during the listing period.
Step 3. Provide your initial listing details.
Again don't worry if you miss out some details as you can edit your listing and fine tune it at any time during the listing period.
Step 4. Complete adding a listing and make payment.
If you opted for a free listing this step will not apply to you and you have completed adding a listing. However if you opted for a paid listing you will now be guided through the payment process which will allow you to choose your preferred payment method and make (if chose) online secure payment.
5. Where to edit your listing (order)
In your admin panel under the heading 'Manage My...' click 'Listings (Orders)' which will display a list of all your listings. Select the listing you wish to edit and click either the logo image or pen and paper icon to load the 'Manage This Listing' page. You can now (using the tabs) manage all aspects of your listing, add photos and documents, edit the listing details and check how well your used item for sale listing is doing through your listing statistics.
6. Where to locate your listing (order) invoices
In your admin panel under the heading 'Manage My...' click 'Invoices' which will display a list of all your invoices of your listing orders. You can print off and pay any outstanding invoices by following the links that are displayed.
7. Getting more help and answers to questions
Hopefully our frequently asked questions and answers page will solve any problems you have with placing a listing, however if no solution is available give us a call on 0345 226 7373 (local rate) during office hours or contact us via email and we will be happy help you out and get your item listed for you.
Notice to all sellers - Beware of scams!
Over the years we regularly hear reports of attempted scams to lure eager sellers to part with items and even large sums of cash by online tricksters and conmen. Fraudulent scams are an internet wide problem that come in a variety of guises which are sometimes hard to spot but if you keep to our scam prevention guide and rules you should avoid getting caught out.
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