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Sometimes new things seem a bit confusing at first, so with the help of our guide we should be able to ease all those first time sellers nerves.
When Villagefetes started out back in the year 2000, selling off unwanted used items on a website was a new and sometimes tiresome process that only internet savvy individuals were doing and getting the benefit from. Today everyone is selling and placing adverts online and the amount of websites cashing in and claiming to be able to sell your used item has also grown as fast, some with free listings, some full of sponsored adverts, some claiming to be No1 as soon as they go online and some who list old items that were actually sold many years ago. (How do we know? We sold them.)
So where do you sell your used items to? You need a trusted website that is well established in its industry, attracts the right individuals that may actually be looking to buy your item, you need a website where you can call and talk to helpful experienced staff at anytime (during office hours) and a website that offers a great listing package and service to get your used item sold.
Where can you find a website offering all that? You're on it!
Only genuine listings from genuine sellers
We want our viewers to enjoy our used items area and to view your listing leading to you selling your item. That's why you can be confident that we won't place sponsored links and listings in place of genuine listings and drive visitors away from your viewing your listing to another website. We guarantee that we will only list items from sellers who actually have an item for sale.
Place your listing with confidence
Unlike some other listing websites all enquiries go straight to you and not via Villagefetes, we do not intervene in any negotiations. Viewers that are interested in your item will only ever deal with you direct, if your listing includes a phone number that's the number the viewer will call, if you provide an email address the (spam protected) email will go straight to you.
Free unlimited listings for all existing directory advertisers
We all love a freebie and all our existing paid directory advertisers within any of our websites are as part of their advertising package allowed to place unlimited listings within this area of Villagefetes completely free of charge!
Sell your used items with Villagefetes
Whether you are buying or selling we are here to help, you can call us on 0345 226 7373 during office hours... safe with the knowledge that you can talk to staff you can rely upon with life long experience of our industry.
We have been proudly working with the events and leisure industry online and selling used items on Villagefetes since the year 2000. We offer great value adverts and a 1st class customer service but most importantly we do get great results. So whether you're selling a caterers griddle, a mobile catering trailer or a fairground amusement ride, sell it with Villagefetes
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As part of the great advertising packages we offer on all our websites, directory advertisers can place unlimited ads for Free!