Welcome to AK Covers - British Made Custom PVC Valances and Curtains

Welcome to AK Covers
My name is Keiron Rushton and I run AK Covers a company specialising in custom made PVC covers for the catering and retail trades based in Sheerness on sea, Kent.
I have been in the business of producing custom-made curtains and valances for the blinds and awnings trade for nearly twenty years. Benefiting as a result from many years experience of high frequency welding within the cover making trade we provide a truly unique service creating customised quality products for a varied customer range from mobile catering units, food vending kiosks to retail outlets, stalls and shops.

Quality Durable Products
If our products are something that maybe you have not considered before I would like to assure you that although they do make catering trailers stand out from the crowd with people tending to gravitate towards the colour and design they most definitely do have a practical purpose. The side curtains are particularly valuable in providing excellent weather protection from wind, rain and sun for both the customer and the vendor, made from heavy duty PVC in non-fading colours, which makes them durable in all weathers.

Products to Compliment
We manufacture a range of quality items that I feel will compliment or enhance your current product range or outlet. We are looking to promote to this unique market around the UK and beyond. I have attached photographs that show examples of our work that are currently being utilised on a variety of mobile catering trailers around the country.

AK Covers - British Made Custom PVC Valances and Curtains
AK Covers - British Made Custom PVC Valances and Curtains

Easy to Clean
Our valances and curtains are easy to clean and can be wiped down with a wet cloth and light detergent, which is particularly useful for a trailer situated in a muddy field. All products are easily detachable. I use fixings such as press-studs (easily fixed to trailer using either rivets or self tapping screws), turn buttons, eyelets, Velcro (wieldable or adhesive) and these can be adapted depending on the customer requirements.

Colours and Styles
Pantone colours can be matched precisely to a large amount of materials Trims I use three different style trims (castellated, Fleur de Lys & the straight trim /which can also be matched to the trim where reinforcements are used) Pricing is charged on a per foot basis or individual sets at a quantity ( only when ordered in multiples/bulk orders).

Fixings and Fasteners
We have a wide range of fixings and fasteners. Industrial press- studs, used primarily for hatch valances as the rubber seal does not come out any further than a quarter of an inch or 5mm. Nickel plated turn buttons are usually used on the skirts for easy removal. Weld able velcro is for temporary usage or connection. Beading welded into the material, which we call kadar. It slots into 5 or 7mm tracks ( please stipulate size).

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Payment and Postage
Delivered by parcel force. We charge extra for this service based on the going rate, added separately to the bill. For assurance purposes, we accept either full payment or a percentage deposit on larger orders paid in advance. Orders are usually 3-5 working days on receipt of payment.

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