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Evopower 600w Led Mobile Lighting Tower With 52kw Diesel Generator Lt600 Led Ddhy6000se Lt600

Evopower 600w Led Mobile Lighting Tower With 52kw Diesel Generator Lt600 Led Ddhy6000se Lt600


Available from  Hyundai Power Equipment


Product details - Mobile lighting tower and 5.2kw diesel generator the evopower lt600 led d is an led lighting tower powered by the hyundai dhy6000se 5.2kw silenced diesel generator and is suitable for a wide range of applications including large outdoor events, sports fields, construction and work sites, workshop, farming, logistics, rural and hard to reach areas and temporary public lighting. The lt600 led d provides a flexible lighting solution by allowing users to easily plug into any power source including auxiliary power, portable generators or directly into the mains power supply. Highly efficient led light the evopower lt600 led d mobile lighting tower boasts high efficiency, the highly efficient led light heads deliver a powerful 12500 lumens at only 600w 150w x 4 power consumption. Off road tyres easy to transport the lt600 led d lighting tower features 4 pneumatic off road tyres, with rapid one person deployment simply push the lightning tower into place apply the brake, lower the stabiliser legs and erect the mast using the single operator winch handle. Towering 5 metres in height from the ground the lt600 led d provides excellent illumination of large areas requiring temporary lighting. Mains or generator powered mains or generator powered the lt600 led d can be used with existing 230 volt power supply equipment, due to low power consumption the generator is also available to run other electrical equipment. Up to 8 lighting towers to be powered from one 6kw generator each lighting tower can be daisy chained connected in series using the built in 230v socket to allow up to 8 lighting towers to be powered from one 6kw generator, making for ultra low fuel consumption of less than frac14 litre per hour for each tower assumes upto 2 litres an hour for the generator. 110v or 230v these lighting towers can be supplied to run from either 110v or 230v please specify the voltage required when ordering. Coverage luxes are used to measure the amount of light output in a given area one lux is equal to one lumen per square meter. It enables the measurment of the total amount of visible light present and the intensity of the illumination on a surface. 20 luxes area is up to 2500m2 30 luxes area is up to 1800m2 50 luxes area is up to 1300m2 100 luxes area is up to 700m2 in the box lt600 led d lighting tower dhy6000se 5.2kw diesel generator assembly tools user manual note hyundai dhy6000se 5.2kw diesel generator is included. When supplied with a lighting tower, this generator has rubber feet instead of wheels. Warranty lighting tower covered by evopower 2 year warranty generator covered by hyundai 1 year standard warranty key features low fuel consumption less than 1 litre an hour when powered by the included 5.2kw dhy6000se diesel generator. Can run on red or white diesel. Additional 6 bare lighting towers can be daisy chained and run from one generator using the incorporated 230v socket multi directional adjustable and tiltable led floodlights. 4x150w led lights 110 230v please specify sockets required. High 12,500 lumen output light coverage from each lamp. Quick and easily erected by a single operator. 5 metre mast on steerable trolley with twin stabilizers. 30,000hrs lamp durability. Full uk spares backup to maintain your machine for years to come. Covered by evopower 2 year warranty lighting tower only.

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