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Hyundai 18kw 225kva Single Phase Diesel Generator Dhy18ksem

Hyundai 18kw 225kva Single Phase Diesel Generator Dhy18ksem


Available from  Hyundai Power Equipment


Product details - The dhy18ksem is a powerful single phase standby diesel generator which is designed to provide reliable power to your home or business when the national grid lets you down. Powered by a 21hp 1500rpm hyundai engine, which gives the machine a longer lifespan due to the lower revs, the dhy18ksem can produce up to 22.5kva. Equipped with an avr alternator to produce clean energy, the dhy18ksem is suited to powering any sensitive electronic equipment in your home or business, such as televisions, video game consoles, computers, laptops and more. Housed in a silenced weather proof canopy, the dhy18ksem produces only 66db 7 metres to prevent interrupting you, your family or your workforce when in action. All hyundai 1500rpm diesel generator sound proof canopies undergo an anti corrosion painting process called electrophoretic painting. This process ensures all areas of the canopy have an evenly applied thickness of paint, ensuring maximum corrosion protection. Because it can run on red diesel youll also find the dhy18ksem cheap to refuel when it does eventually run low, since red diesel is significantly cheaper than standard road diesel. For the ultimate user convenience the dhy18ksem can be paired with an ats automatic transfer switch system which will automatically turn on the generator when a loss of power to the property is detected. When power returns from the mains, the ats module will then safely turn your generator off. This is ideal for those who need to guarantee constant power, for example if you run servers or have refrigeration units. For the recommended usage of this generator, please see here. All of our single phase generators have a kva rating that is higher than the kw. This is because we have assumed the appliances you are going to power have a load factor power factor of 0.8 therefore the 'assumed' kva rating of the load would be higher. This is industry standard and it is usually best to scope the right unit based on the kw. Kerbside delivery included please note forklift required for unloading key features a powerful single phase generator which produces up to 22.5kva. Powered by a 1500rpm diesel engine, ideal for ensuring the lifespan of the machine. Fitted with an avr alternator to produce a clean energy output. Housed in a silenced weather proof canopy. Can be paired with an ats system for an automatic transfer of power.

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