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P1pe 79kw 98kva Recoil And Electric Start Site Petrol Generator Powered By Hyundai P10000le

P1pe 79kw 98kva Recoil And Electric Start Site Petrol Generator Powered By Hyundai P10000le


Available from  Hyundai Power Equipment


Product details - Portable generator weighing only 94kg, the p10000le is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its built in wheel kit, rugged open frame and folding handles. Smooth output the hyundai avr alternator keeps the voltage output smooth, within 3% of 230v. This means it can be used to power sensitive equipment such as computers, laptops and charge mobile phones. However, the avr alternator is also rugged enough to handle the harsh demands of power tools and building site equipment. Low noise using the latest low noise engine technology, the p10000le produces only 70 dba 7m. Easy to use the onboard digital display meter displays hours run, maximum voltage and frequency. By making it easy to know when a service on the machine is due, you can be confident that you will get many years of use and will not cause harm to the unit by missing a service. Easy electric push button start generator the easy electric push button start function makes starting the generator simple. There is also a recoil start system to ensure you are never left without power. The generator recharges its own battery when in use. Sockets fitted with 2x 115v 16a and 1x 230v 32a sockets to end facing control panel, to minimise damage to sockets when wheeling generator through narrow gaps and doorways. Highly versatile suitable for industrial and home use the p10000le is a highly versatile open frame generator ideal for powering power tools, compressors, welders, lighting rigs, garages, mobile workshops or sensitive home equipment such as laptops, sound systems, tvshellip.etc. Low maintenance site generator with low service and maintenance requirements, the p10000le is incredibly user friendly and has full hyundai uk parts back up. In the box p10000le generator wheel kit with puncture proof tyres the wheel kit can be assembled in minutes and just requires two bolts to be tightened for the rear legs and the axles held in place by a single r clip for each wheel. The folding handle is already assembled and comes as part of the mainframe. Warranty covered by p1pe 2 year warranty. Kva is based on an assumed load factor of 0.8. All of our single phase generators have a kva rating that is higher than the kw. This is because we have assumed the appliances you are going to power have a load factor power factor of 0.8 therefore the 'assumed' kva rating of the load would be higher. This is industry standard and it is usually best to scope the right unit based on the kw. Key features economical performance with a long running time of up to 12 hours 50% load. Ideal for site use, commercial use, tradesmen or simply home garage use. Powered by a hyundai 460cc 16hp 4 stroke engine powering the high quality hyundai avr alternator. The avr automatic voltage regulator keeps the output stable, within 3% of 230v. This ensures it is suitable to power sensitive equipment. Electric key start, ensuring easy starting for power when you need it. Improved muffler design reduces noise levels. Low oil alert shuts down the engine automatically if the oil level drops, minimising serious engine damage. Built in overload protection. Easily portable thanks to the integrated wheel kit. Covered by p1pe 2 year warranty. Full uk service and parts operation to maintain your generator for years to come.

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