Please read our answers to some of your common questions

Can I list my products without advertising in the directory?

Due to the interaction between our Product Search and Suppliers Directory areas product feed listing on Villagefetes is only available to advertisers listed within our Suppliers Directory. In order to promote your products within our Product Search and Price Comparison you must have an entry within our directory areas.

Where do I store my product feed file for Villagefetes to access?

You will need to create a top level accessible folder called "villagefetes" (all lowercase) within your website to store your product feeds. Please refer to our product feed guide for more help. 

When and how often will my product feed be updated?

Product feeds are retrieved on the 1st of every month (from 1am) and imported/updated on the first working day thereafter, manual product feeds (Option 1) must be uploaded to Villagefetes beforehand and automatic URL product feeds must be in your website "feeds" folder.

Do I need to create and submit a new feed file name for each update?

No, simply overwrite the existing feed file in your "villagefetes" folder using exactly the same file name you provided us with.

Product feed formats

Our software can parse most XML Formats and CSV Formats into our databases. Use our feed checker if in any doubt and refer to our product feed guide for more help.

Product review policy

Every product review is checked and approved by Villagefetes before it is displayed on the website. Although we will allow site users to review, rate and submit positive and negative constructive comments about individual products, Villagefetes will not allow any comments which are inflammatory, in relation to any customer disputes, targeted to an individual, company or business to be displayed.

What is product price update time lapse?

Product feeds are static files updated by you, placed within your website and uploaded to your server for Villagefetes to access once a month. The connection between Villagefetes and your product feed is not a live connection. Therefore any new updates or price changes you make in your feed lets say middle of the month will not be displayed until we access and update your feed into our database on the scheduled update day. As a result you may find that some products display incorrect details that differ from your own website. Ways to limit product price time lapse may be to consider: 1. Scheduling price updates closer to Villagefetes update day. 2. Replace prices in your feed with something like "POA" 3. Add to your product description a "Price valid until date" or "Visit our website for up to date prices".

Billing and payments

Your product feed listing account will run parallel to your Suppliers Directory advertising account. Both will commence at the same date and will end on the same date (12 months from the 1st day of the following month after adverts are taken out). However if you include your product feed a quarter or half way through your advertising period you will only be billed for the remaining months.