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As an existing business you will already know all the difficulties, problems and pitfalls you have experienced with your business. At villagefetes we want you to share some of your experiences with those individuals planning to start their own business for the first time. Obviously you are not going to give away your business secrets to potential competitors, but if you have an unbiased view or tip regarding a product, piece of machinery, food preparation or in relation to any page within our business start up area, here's your chance to let everyone know and read about it.
For example you might have your own special technique for starting a troublesome generator on a cold morning (apart from kicking it), an easy safe way to clean your soft ice cream machine etc, etc.
At villagefetes we have a strong view that if business start ups are well informed and have a good resource for obtaining information, not only will it help their business to succeed, but will also help raise the standards for the entire event and leisure industries and which will, in the long term, benefit existing event business too. We want every individual that comes through villagefetes with the idea of starting their own business to leave with a good foundation to do the job right.
If you would like to submit an article, simply get it together and paste into the form below with your details. Each article will be checked by us and successful articles will be entered into the website with the accompanying business name. For your guidance articles must be unbiased, must not refer directly to any company or company product, nor be defamatory in any way to any individual or company.


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