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General information

As a wholesale suppliers business you know the difficulties encountered obtaining new customers who are specifically looking for your products. Our informative and colourful standard entry advertisements offer a great solution and an affordable way for your business to target new customers.

Included with this advert option

Single entry under one directory category page of your choice.

Advert heading (usually business name) with web link.

Your town, county and up to two contact phone numbers.

An informative text description up to 180 characters long.

Individually designed logo web linking box (110x65 pixels).

An email address link enabling the viewer to email you directly.

Automatic inclusion to receive enquiries via our Free Finder Service.

One free inclusion in our Newsletter during the advertising period.

Inclusion in our Site Search and Find.

What you can link this advert option to

The two web links provided with this option can link to either:

Your business website (included with this option)

An information photo page (will require upgrade to Option 2)

An individually designed web page (will require upgrade to Option 3)

Please note: In order to provide a good informative directory that works for both businesses and viewers your web links must link to one of the above.

Limited advertising within our directory

To provide a more specialized and targeted business listing directory we only offer on villagefetes one listing page per directory category with ten Option 1 adverts, three Option 4 adverts and two Option 5 adverts.

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Weekly equivalent = £4.38

Monthly equivalent = £19.00

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Additional products to help promote your business

Newsletter advertising

Our newsletters offer a great low cost, flexible opportunity to give your business more exposure by promoting directly to subscribers

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to our email newsletters. A variety of advertising positions are available click image or link for more details.

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Product search advertising

For wholesale suppliers businesses who are looking to display their product inventories we can list and promote your entire product

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range within our product search. A variety of options are available click image or link for more details.

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Please note: Above two are only available to existing directory advertisers.

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