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2 Pack Washable Filtering Mask

2 Pack Washable Filtering Mask


Available from  Granite Workwear Ltd


Product details - 2 pack washable filtering maskwater repellent outer.these klopman masks have a filtering performance of 93% on a particulate greater than 1 micrometer.for reference an ultrafine atomised droplet is categorised at under 10 micrometers dry fog and the covid 19 virus size is around 0.125 micrometers.ffp2 filters performance is 95% and filter droplets as small as 0.3 micrometers.whilst these masks are not classified as ppe or medical devices, they do represent the best of what is available out of the large range of fabric masks currently being produced'. '.strtoupper('s')ome from everyday fabrics that have not been tested for their filtering performance before or during a 50 wash process.the masks are water repellent, breathable, reusable, washable and sterilizable up to 50 times.they can be washed at up to 60 degrees centigrade medium tumble dry and ironing at 150 degrees c medium after washing re activates the water repellency'. '.strtoupper('s')upplied in a two pack so that one can be worn and one in the wash'. '.strtoupper('t')he third category masks are designed to help to provide a fi173rst barrier to the spread of the virus for the whole population and law enforcement if not engaged in emergency operations.these are devices designed to prevent the risk of spreading the virus contained in the droplets from the wearer to the surrounding space.klopman is a long established european fabric manufacturer that specialises in workwear and medical fabrics.instructions for use wash your hands before putting on the mask'. '.strtoupper('w')ear the mask as indicated external side'. '.strtoupper('e')xtend the mask until it covers your mouth and nose and tie it firmly behind your head'. '.strtoupper('e')ver touch the mask with dirty hands, take it only by the laces'. '.strtoupper('w')hen not worn, it must be carefully stored in a clean place'. '.strtoupper('t')o sanitize it quickly during the day, spray alcohol min 70% on the two faces and leave for at least one minute'. '.strtoupper('a')fter you take it off, waiting to be washed, wrap it in a paper or plastic bag to avoid contact with clothing or anything else.

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2 Pack Washable Filtering Ma



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