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With the introduction of some great new fun food equipment and with new fun food products coming onto the market in recent years many mobile catering businesses have been introducing fun food equipment into their catering units. With the steady growth in this area, good profitability and equipment affordability, many business startups are specialising solely in the sale of fun food products. Fun food equipment is readily available to purchase and all of our equipment suppliers (Suppliers Directory) will be able to provide you with all the information you need to help with your purchase.
Candy floss machines
We've all seen them being made at fairs and fetes and have marvelled at the way the wooden stick is moved around the bowl of the candy floss machine to mysteriously produce a candy floss. But is it really that simple to do? Yes, all you need is a good quality professional candy floss machine, sugar, candy colouring and candy floss sticks. Although not a new concept candy floss machines are very easy to operate, easy to maintain and traditional candy floss on a stick is always a favourite with young and older customers alike. With readily and easily available ingredients of standard granulated sugar, candy floss colouring plus accessories of wooden candy floss sticks and (if needed) floss containers makes candy floss selling a great addition to your mobile catering business. All candy floss machines are electric powered, single or two colour candy floss output, bowl diameters are available in various sizes and output of between 100 and 350 per hour depending upon the model of candy floss machine.
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Popcorn warmers
Everybody loves the smell of warm freshly made traditional popcorn and professional popcorn warmers have been around for a while now. Mobile caterers still widely use popcorn warmers as they produce a very reliable saleable and profitable product that given the correct environment can be a big seller alongside other fun foods such as candy floss. Popcorn output can range from 4 portions to around 28 portions every 3 mins depending upon the unit. Specifications of warmers will vary depending on the unit so its important to look at the output requirements before purchasing. Popcorn warmers can also be easily fitted into catering trailers and make a great visual attraction when fitted to specially designed carts and kiosks.
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Chocolate fountains
Professional chocolate fountains have been very popular over recent years particularly at weddings, functions and parties. More recently mobile event caterers have been introducing specially equipped trailers and carts with the chocolate fountain as the centre piece. The caterer then sells selections of dips made up from fruit, marshmallows, sweets etc on skewers. The dips are then either dipped directly into the milk, plain or white chocolate by the caterer or a cup is filled with chocolate from the fountain. These methods  eliminate the need for individuals to help themselves, reducing mess and spillages plus avoiding any hygiene issues through physical finger contact. All fountains are electric powered, sizes start from around 50cmx30cm wide, the tiers are removable and dismantle for easy cleaning plus they require and hold a large amount of chocolate around 10lbs for the size above.
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Self serve hand operated soft ice cream machines
Mobile caterers are often looking for a way to offer soft ice creams without the need to make sizable financial investments in larger professional soft ice cream machines. A more recent addition to the fun food equipment industry has been the cartridge fed hand operated (pull the lever) soft ice cream machines. These table mounted ice cream machines (manufactured by several leading ice cream companies) are well suited to catering trailers, carts and kiosks offering a simple to operate soft ice cream solution. The only additional requirement is of a specialist chilled storage unit to keep the ready to use ice cream cartridges at the correct temperature which are available along with any needed point of sale marketing material.
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General advice and tips
All fun food equipment is available as standalone pieces of equipment and can make an interesting visual attraction for customers if well positioned. Many fun food equipment suppliers offer other items to compliment and mount the equipment from attractive traditional carts to colourful stalls plus purposed built and designed specialist catering trailers are also available.
Is it possible to get candy floss colouring other than pink? Yes, various colourings are available visit our candy floss suppliers for more details.

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