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There is a fantastic range of mobile catering trailers, van conversions, carts and tricycles manufactured in this country by a range of specialist companies who have had many years experience of building top quality catering units. From purpose built showmans catering trailers, replica vintage vehicle conversions to hand built carts and bespoke kiosk there's a catering unit to suit all requirements. All of our advertisers (Suppliers Directory) will be able to provide you with all the information you need to help with your purchase.
Catering trailers
From the new start up mobile caterer to the established professional mobile event caterer looking to tender for catering concessions and attend high profile events there's a catering trailer to suit all requirements. Catering trailers can be themed and fitted out with a wide variety of equipment to suit most menus from burgers, chips to fried chicken, noodles, donuts etc. Considerations: Catering trailers will need to be towed and depending upon the size and weight may require a substantial suitable towing vehicle.
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Catering van conversions
Catering van conversions offer an alternative to trailers eliminating the need for a towing vehicle and providing the owner with the flexibility to easily move between and attend several trading positions over a short period of time. Catering van conversions are well suited to lunchtime sandwich rounds, rural fish and chip rounds to events and country shows.
Considerations: If your catering van conversion is used as the only form of transport, once sited at an event getting out for supplies may be difficult.
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Catering carts and kiosks
Catering carts and mobile catering kiosks provide a great opportunity to provide indoor and outdoor catering in places where catering trailers and vans are not well suited. From savoury crepes, hot dogs, jacket potatoes to hot chestnuts, espresso coffees, candyfloss and ice creams, catering carts are easily adapted to suit many catering menus, themes and concepts.
Considerations: Most catering carts and mobile catering kiosk units will need to be transported rather than towed to your trading destination.
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Catering tricycles
Catering tricycles make a great focal point vending unit that can be adapted to suit a variety of snacks and refreshments including ice creams and soft drinks. Suitable for all types of events, shopping malls and high streets and if used and themed to match an existing mobile catering business, tricycles can add additional trading opportunities. Considerations: Catering tricycles are best suited to being transported along with any related accessories to your trading destination to ensure a ready to work pristine appearance.
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General advice and tips
Prices will vary depending mainly upon the type of unit you choose and the amount of catering equipment you choose to have installed. If you have limited funds for your purchase its better to cut down on the amount of catering equipment than the overall size of the unit, you can always add more specialist catering equipment as and when funds become available. Important note: Do not cut out equipment required by law for compliance with hygiene regulations such as hand washing, refrigeration etc.

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