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(1)80 Min 700 Mb




(12)A4 Paper


(113)Accessories For Mobile Phones

(2)Accessories Print Materials

(49)Accounting Forms Or Accounting Books

(1)Acetate Or Vinyl Or Polyester Films


(17)Address Books Or Refills

(107)Addressing Or Mailing Labels

(1)Adhesive Corners

(25)Adhesive Mounts


(5)Aerosol Adhesive

(4)Air Compressed Spray

(1)Air Conditioners

(1)Air Filters

(24)Air Freshener

(2)Air Freshener Dispensers

(88)Alarm Clocks

(4)Alarm Systems

(82)Alkaline Batteries

(379)All In Ones

(6)Aluminum Food Wrapping Foil

(354)Amplifiers Receivers

(2)Analog Telephones

(18)Anti Virus

(2)Apple Ipad

(138)Archive Filing Cardboard Boxes

(1)Artist Knives

(1)Arts And Craft

(42)Arts And Crafts

(531)Arts Crafts

(3)Ash Trays

(13)Audio Equipment

(32)Audio Systems

(1)Automated External Defibrillators Aed Or Hard Paddles

(1)Automotive Cleaners


(19)Baby Products

(1)Back Rest

(9)Back Support Rests

(79)Badges Or Badge Holders


(3)Baking Sheets

(159)Ball Point Pens

(8)Ballpoint Pen Ink Refill

(2)Bandage Scissors Or Its Supplies

(12)Bandages Or Dressings For General Use

(16)Barbecues Accessories

(5)Barrier Tapes Or Chains




(11)Battery Chargers

(2)Bills Or Bill Books

(29)Bin Bags

(1)Binder Or Bulldog Clips

(32)Binding Coils Or Wire Loops

(67)Binding Combs Or Strips

(41)Binding Covers

(9)Binding Spines Or Snaps

(2)Binding Tape

(1)Birth Cards


(5)Blank Tapes


(4)Blotter Paper

(4)Book Ends


(1)Bottled Water Dispensers Or Accessories

(21)Box File

(5)Box Lids

(1)Box Or Shelf Partitions



(17)Broom Heads

(16)Broom Or Mop Handles



(6)Bubble Wrap

(73)Bulletin Boards Or Accessories

(16)Business Card Holders

(1)Business Card Pockets

(5)Business Cards


(3)Cable Accessories

(5)Cable Locks

(16)Cable Protectors

(3)Cable Ties


(4)Cables Parts Power Supplies

(11)Cakes Snacks Sweets

(17)Calculator Or Cash Register Paper


(1)Camera Bags


(2)Can Or Bottle Openers


(17)Canvas Bags

(20)Car Accessories

(3)Carpet Or Upholstery Cleaners

(4)Carton Heat Sealers


(5)Cases Holders

(23)Cash Or Ticket Boxes

(1)Cash Register Ribbons

(8)Cash Registers

(1)Cassette Storage

(2)Catalogue Or Clasp Envelopes

(4)Catering Gloves Or Glove Dispensers

(2)Cd Boxes Pouches

(3)Cd Players

(6)Cd Rom Drives

(4)Cd Rw Dvd Combo Drives

(7)Certificate Frames

(32)Chair Mat


(3)Chalk Boards Or Accessories


(66)Chargers Charging Stations

(2)Charging Cables

(1)Chart Hanger

(11)Charts Or Maps Or Atlas

(5)Childrens Accessories

(5)Chocolate Bars And Boxes Of Chocolates

(29)Chocolate Biscuits Or Cookies

(18)Chocolate Malt Or Other Hot Beverages

(7)Christmas Gifts

(2)Christmas New Years Cards

(1)Claw Hammer


(9)Cleaning Brushes

(62)Cleaning Cloths Or Wipes

(2)Cleaning Dusters

(3)Cleaning Or Janitorial Cart

(17)Cleaning Pails Or Buckets

(7)Cleaning Solutions For Office Equipment

(4)Cleaning Wipes For Office Machines

(9)Clip Holders Or Dispensers


(1)Clock Timers

(5)Cloth Tape

(11)Clothing Hangers

(18)Coat Stands

(5)Coffee Drinks

(4)Coffee Makers

(2)Coffee Or Tea Cups

(8)Colour Pencils

(11)Comb Binding Machine

(7)Compact Disk Cases

(7)Compact Disks Cds

(1)Compact Flash

(12)Compact Fluorescent Cfl Bulbs



(43)Computer Bags

(39)Computer Cases

(2256)Computer Components

(48)Computer Display Glare Screens

(3)Computer Games

(2)Computer Hardware

(28)Computer Hardware Accessories

(5)Computer Hardware Printers

(9980)Computer Hardware Printers Accessories Print Materials Ink Cartridges For Printers

(31)Computer Hardware Printers Accessories Print Materials Printer Paper A4 Paper

(200)Computer Hardware Printers Accessories Print Materials Printer Paper Photographic Paper

(24)Computer Listing Paper

(18)Computer Microphones

(23)Computer Mouse Or Trackballs

(11)Computer Or Notebook Stands

(14)Computer Or Office Equipment Cleaning Kit

(15)Computer Software

(1)Computer Speakers


(24)Conferencing Tables

(36)Consumer Electronics

(4)Convection Heaters

(4)Convex Security Mirrors

(21)Cookers Ovens

(6)Copy Holders

(18)Correction Film Or Tape

(3)Correction Fluid

(4)Correction Pens

(14)Counterfeit Banknote Detectors Or Supplies





(3)Crisps Or Chips Or Pretzels Or Mixes

(1)Cup Dispenser


(1)Cutting Boards



(1)Decorative Stickers


(10)Deicers Or Defrosters

(2)Desk Drawer Organisers

(12)Desk Pads

(47)Desk Screens

(30)Desktop Calculator

(13)Desktop Computers

(84)Diaries Or Refills

(11)Dictation Machines


(65)Digital Camera Accessories

(13)Digital Cameras

(1)Digital Devices

(10)Digital Photography

(2)Digital Radio

(1)Digital Telephones

(9)Digital Versatile Disks Dvds

(13)Digital Voice Recorders

(8)Discontinued Products

(1)Dish Drainer

(1)Dish Towels


(22)Dishwashing Products

(6)Display Board

(57)Display Books

(5)Display Cases

(22)Display Systems Or Its Accessories

(2)Disposable Fountain Pen

(1)Disposable Personal Wipes

(5)Domestic Cupboard

(23)Door Mats

(2)Door Stops

(10)Double Sided Tape

(1)Drafting Kits Or Sets

(3)Drawing Or Sketching Boards Or Accessories

(1)Drinking Fountains Or Bubblers

(6)Drinking Glasses


(2)Dry Cell Batteries

(76)Drywipe Boards

(4)Duct Tape

(8)Dust Brushes Or Pans

(1)Dust Mops

(5)Dvd Blanks

(8)Dvd Drives


(3)Ear Muffs

(1)Ear Plug Dispenser

(8)Ear Plugs

(11)Electric Fan

(23)Electric Kettles

(1)Electric Pencil Sharpener

(15)Electrical Extension Cable

(4)Electrical Kettles

(1)Electrical Plugs

(1)Electronic Card Readers

(2)Electronic Gadget

(6)Electronic Gadgets

(58)Electronic Toys

(1)Environmental Monitoring


(8)Equipment Cases

(14)Erasable Ink Pen


(85)Executive Manager Seating

(9)Exercise Books

(27)Expandable File Folders

(10)Eyewashers Or Eye Wash Stations


(3)Facial Shields

(10)Facial Tissues

(2)Fan Heaters

(37)Fax Machines

(5)Fax Paper

(7)Fax Ribbons

(2)Fiber Straps

(167)File Dividers

(13)File Inserts Or Tabs

(162)Filing Cabinets

(1)Filter Papers


(56)Fineliner Pens

(4)Fingerprint Time Attendance And Access Control Machine

(1)Fire Blankets

(7)Fire Extinguishers

(83)First Aid Kits And Supplies

(9)Fitness Equipment

(11)Flash Memory Storage Card

(12)Flip Chart

(10)Flipchart Easels

(9)Floor Cleaners

(4)Floor Finishes Or Polishes

(3)Floor Polishers

(1)Floor Stands

(1)Floor Sweepers

(4)Fluorescent Bulbs

(3)Foam Core Mounting Board

(2)Folder Binding Accessories

(13)Food Processors

(4)Food Service Trays

(11)Foot Rests

(7)Foot Rests Stools

(2)Foot Switches

(7)Fountain Pen Ink Refill

(12)Fountain Pens

(2)Free Standing Clocks



(5)Fruit Tea


(1)Furniture Accessories

(1)Furniture Bases Or Legs Or Leg Extensions

(1)Furniture Polish Or Waxes




(8)Games Puzzles Learning

(1)Games Quizzes

(9)Garden Leisure

(21)Gel Pens

(12)General Household

(74)General Purpose Cleaners

(18)General Purpose Cleaning Kits

(4)General Purpose Lubricants

(1)General Tool Kits

(3)Gift Certificate

(2)Gift Wrapping Paper Or Bags Or Boxes

(3)Glass Or Window Cleaners

(9)Glass Panels For Picture Frames

(1)Glass Thermometer


(24)Glue Dispensers Or Refills



(1)Granular Absorbent

(7)Graph Paper

(52)Graphics Cards

(2)Greeting Cards

(1)Greeting Or Note Or Post Cards

(37)Ground Filter Capsule Coffee Supplies

(5)Guillotine Paper Trimmers


(46)Hair Dryers Hot Air Brushes

(9)Halogen Bulbs

(5)Hand Cleaner

(9)Hand Sanitizer

(11)Hand Towels

(7)Hand Trucks Or Accessories

(7)Hands Free Kits

(1)Handset Adapters


(3)Hanging Brackets

(2)Hanging Rails Or Holders

(22)Hard Disk Drives

(189)Hard Drives

(6)Hard Hats





(5)Health Or Breakfast Bars

(26)Heating Cooling

(62)Hewlett Packard Compaq

(1)Hex Keys

(3)Hi Vis Safety Vests


(2)Hole Punches

(5)Hole Reinforcements

(16)Home Accessories

(16)Home Appliances

(7)Home Entertainment

(12)Home Garden

(43)Home Garden Lighting Light Bulbs Illuminants Light Bulbs

(8)Home Security

(476)Home Telephone Accessories

(16)Hook And Loop Fastener

(3)Hot Water Dispenser

(57)House Accessories

(181)House Telephones

(48)Hubs Switches

(1)Hygienic Bags


(23)Identification Tags

(17)In Car Chargers

(5)In Car Entertainment

(2)Incandescent Bulbs

(3)Index Card Files

(31)Index Cards

(10)Industrial Cabinets Or Drawers Or Shelving

(1)Industrial Drill Bits

(1)Industrial Parts Or Accessories

(1)Industrial Shrink Wrap Equipment

(20)Informational Signs

(845)Ink Cartridges

(59)Ink Cartridges For Printers

(16)Ink Or Stamp Pads

(16)Ink Refills

(6)Ink Rolls

(10)Ink Sticks

(1)Inkjet Printers

(2)Instant Adhesive

(47)Instant Coffee

(14)Inter Connect Cable

(4)Interactive Whiteboards Or Accessories


(1)Inventory Forms Or Inventory Books


(743)Ip Phones


(23)Jackets Vests




(20)Key Cabinets Or Organizers

(7)Key Chains Or Key Cases

(10)Key Tags

(10)Keyboard Wrist Rest


(2)Kit For Printer

(3)Kitchen Scales

(1)Kitchen Tongs

(9)Knife Blades



(1)Kraft Tissue Paper


(14)Lab Coats

(30)Label Making Machines Or Labelmakers

(71)Label Making Tapes


(4)Lamination Film

(5)Laminator Accessories

(46)Laminator Pouches



(180)Laptop Bags


(2)Laser Fax Machine

(17)Laser Printers

(1013)Laser Toner

(8)Laundry Products

(8)Lead Refills

(2)Led Lamps

(11)Ledger Paper

(13)Letter Boards Or Accessories

(119)Letter Trays Desktop Organisers


(132)Lever Arch File

(5)Light Bulbs Illuminants

(1)Light Emitting Diode Led Optic Lighting


(1)Linemans Pliers

(3)Liquid Crystal Display Lcd Panels Or Monitors

(112)Literature Racks

(21)Lithium Batteries

(1)Litter Picker

(39)Living Room


(16)Log Books Or Pads

(1)Luggage Tags


(10)Machine Finished Or Glazed Kraft Paper

(154)Magnetic Boards Or Accessories


(5)Mail Sorters Pigeon Holes Or Organizers


(12)Mailer Tubes

(26)Mailing Bags

(18)Mailing Boxes

(1)Mailing Seals

(1)Manicure Implements

(313)Manilla Folders Plastic Files

(1)Manual Letter Openers

(12)Manual Pencil Sharpener

(5)Masking Tape

(15)Masks Or Accessories

(22)Mechanical Pencils




(339)Memory Cards

(1)Memory Stick

(1)Mens Watches

(2)Message Holders Or Dispensers

(5)Metal Cleaners Or Polishes

(6)Metal Housings Or Cabinets

(16)Metal Picture Frames

(1)Metal Section Picture Frames

(20)Metallic Bins




(3)Microwave Ovens

(1)Middle School Math Kits

(7)Mini Pcs Barebones

(16)Mint Sweets

(30357)Mobile Phone

(334)Mobile Phone Accessories

(213)Mobile Phones

(1)Money Counting Machines

(31)Monitor Risers Stands Or Arms


(67)Mop Heads

(1)Mounting Adhesive

(4)Mounting Clips

(12)Mounting Kits

(21)Mouse Pads

(3)Mouse Wrist Rest


(103)Mp3 Players


(39)Multi Function Printers

(11)Multi Purpose Adhesive

(10)Multimedia Projectors

(2)Multimedia Storage Holders

(8)Multipurpose Business Book

(36)Multipurpose Labels


(1)Netbook Accessories

(2)Network Cable

(9)Network Cables

(52)Network Products



(1)Nintendo 3ds

(1)Nintendo 64

(2)Nintendo Wii

(1)Non Adhesive Labels

(3)Non Dairy Creamers

(85)Non Metallic Bins

(325)Notepads And Notebooks

(1)Novelty Gifts

(1)Number Locks


(1677)Office Desks

(275)Office School Office Supplies

(1)Office Suite Software

(9759)Office Supplies


(22)Optical Devices

(5)Ornamental Trimmings

(14)Other Occasions

(2)Other Sizes

(93)Other Telephones

(2)Other Toys

(13)Outdoor Adventure

(1)Outdoor Toys

(5)Overhead Projector Film Ohp

(1)Overhead Projector Or Video Trolleys

(2)Overhead Projectors


(22)Packaging Boxes

(20)Packaging Pouches Or Bags

(46)Packaging Tape


(12)Paint Markers

(1)Pallet Trucks


(4)Panel Assemblies Or Sections

(1)Panels Or Paneling

(41)Paper Clips

(5)Paper Cutters Or Refills

(7)Paper Napkins Or Serviettes

(68)Paper Or Eyelet Punches

(7)Paper Or Pad Holder Or Dispensers

(3)Paper Plates Or Trays

(33)Paper Punching Or Binding Machines

(1)Paper Table Cloth

(18)Paper Towel Dispensers

(50)Paper Towels

(11)Paper Trimmers

(3)Pattern Cutting Mats Or Boards

(10)Pdas Accessories


(10)Pen Or Pencil Holders

(1)Pen Or Pencil Sets

(167)Permanent Markers

(10)Personal Organisers

(8)Personnel Forms Or Personnel Books

(37)Phone Handsets

(1)Phone Headset Ear Or Speaker Cushions

(35)Phone Headsets

(7)Photo Cases Bags

(1)Photographic Paper


(5)Photography Accessories

(10)Pins Or Tacks

(4)Plain Savoury Biscuits

(7)Plastic Bags

(84)Plastic Pockets

(4)Plastic Slip Sheet

(12)Plastic Storage Boxes

(2)Plastic Straps


(5)Platform Step Ladder

(7)Platform Truck

(3)Players Recorders

(15)Playstation 3

(1)Plug Fuses

(69)Plugs Adapters

(102)Plugs Cables

(10)Pocket Calculator

(46)Portable Devices

(5)Portable Hard Disk Storage Device

(39)Portable Hard Drives

(5)Portable Media Case Or Wallet

(3)Portable Radiators

(56)Portable Radios


(11)Postal Scales

(12)Power Adapters Or Inverters

(7)Power Cord

(1)Power Sanders

(23)Power Supplies

(1)Power Supplies Chargers

(1)Pre Printed Notepad

(149)Presentation Covers

(5)Price Tags

(14)Print Heads

(1)Print Servers

(6)Printer Calculator

(14588)Printer Consumables

(14)Printer Labels

(6)Printer Maintenance Kit

(164)Printer Or Copier Paper

(12)Printer Or Fax Or Photocopier Belts

(106)Printer Or Fax Or Photocopier Drums

(3)Printer Paper

(31)Printer Ribbon


(8)Projection Screens Or Displays


(1)Prong Fasteners

(4)Protective Aprons

(65)Protective Coats

(44)Protective Coveralls

(67)Protective Gloves

(28)Protective Shirts

(56)Protective Trousers


(2)Pushbutton Locks


(13)Radio Cassette Players

(7)Radio Cd Players

(3)Radio Frequency Transmitters Or Receivers

(8)Radio Mp3 Players



(4)Razor Knives

(4)Re Usable Adhesive

(1)Read Write Blu Ray Disc Bd

(4)Receipts Or Receipt Books

(40)Rechargeable Batteries

(1)Reference Books

(1)Refill Pads

(4)Reflective Apparel Or Accessories


(1)Remote Control

(36)Remote Controls

(12)Removable Labels


(18)Report Covers


(2)Restaurant Chairs

(142)Ring Binder

(156)Rollerball Pens

(6)Rotary Or Business Card Files

(3)Round Head Fasteners


(17)Rubber Bands

(11)Rubber Or Vinyl Mats

(11)Rubber Stamping Stamp Pads

(40)Rubber Stamping Stamps



(1)S Hooks


(69)Safety Boots

(24)Safety Glasses

(8)Safety Helmets

(1)Safety Horns

(1)Safety Security

(10)Safety Shoes

(95)Safety Signs

(12)Sales Forms Or Sales Books



(13)Scientific Calculator


(1)Scouring Pads


(6)Sd Card

(17)Seating Parts Or Accessories

(99)Self Adhesive Labels

(3)Serving Bowls

(1)Shape Stickers

(133)Sheds Garden Furniture

(5)Sheet Protectors

(2)Shelf Stable Juice

(6)Shelf Stable Milk Or Butter Products


(115)Shredders And Accessories

(8)Sign Holders Or Stands

(94)Sim Card

(321)Small Appliances

(1)Smoke Detectors

(4)Smoking Urns Or Accessories

(9)Soap Dispenser

(7)Soap Or Lotion Dispensers


(53)Soft Drinks


(1)Solvent Based Drawing Inks


(3)Sony Playstation

(87)Sony Playstation 4

(3)Sorbent Pads Or Rolls

(14)Sound Cards

(2)Space Heaters

(1)Spanner Wrenches

(1)Speaker Phone

(265)Specialty Envelopes

(9)Spill Kits



(2)Sport Leisure Hobbies

(2)Sport Or Energy Drink

(2)Spotlights Lighting Equipment

(11)Spring Or Mineral Water


(67)Stacking Chairs Conference Seating

(2)Stain Cleaners Or Removers


(135)Standard Envelopes


(5)Staple Guns

(4)Staple Removers



(3)Stencils Or Lettering Aids

(10)Step Stool

(119)Sticky Notes

(17)Stool Seating

(1)Stop Watch


(193)Storage Cupboards Accessories

(1)Storage Device Trays Or Assemblies

(39)Storage Racks Or Shelves

(7)Strapping Tensioners Or Sealers

(9)Stretch Film Dispensers

(12)Stretch Wrap Films

(7)String Or Twine

(5)Stuffed Animals Or Puppets

(19)Sugar And Sweetners

(2)Suggestion Box

(1)Sun Protection Products

(2)Sun Recliners

(2)Surge Suppressers

(143)Suspension Files


(144)Tab Indexes

(15)Table Lamp Fixtures



(8)Tablet Computers


(1)Tachometer Disks

(2)Tag Fasteners

(1)Tag Guns

(4)Tamper Proof Or Security Seals

(27)Tape Dispensers

(4)Tape Measures

(110)Task Operator Seating


(45)Tea Bags

(2)Tea Drinks

(10)Technical Pens

(20)Telephone Answering Machines

(11)Telephone Message Pads Or Books

(2)Telex Rolls

(4)Tent Cards

(1)Thank You Cards

(3)Thermal Ribbon

(13)Thermal Tape Printers


(3)Tickets Or Ticket Rolls

(7)Tilt Trucks

(6)Time Card Racks

(18)Time Cards Or Sheets


(2)Toilet Brushes

(7)Toilet Cleaners

(33)Toilet Tissue

(8)Toilet Tissue Dispensers

(3)Toner Cartridges

(17)Toner Collectors

(3)Tool Chests Or Boxes Or Cabinets


(8)Toys Games

(11)Tracing Paper

(2)Traffic Cones Or Delineators

(1)Transfer Rolls

(47)Transparent Tape


(6)Trays Or Platters

(25)Treasury Tags Clasp Fasteners



(34)Trolleys Or Accessories

(12)Tv Cards

(2)Typewriter Ribbon


(1)Ultraviolet Uv Bulbs

(4)Umbrella Holders Or Stands

(549)Unclassified Missing Unspsc Mapping

(1)Universal Serial Bus Hubs Or Connectors


(8)Urinal Or Toilet Accessories

(8)Usb Cables Hubs

(47)Usb Flash Drive

(3)Usb Hubs

(1)Usb Multi Card Reader And Micro Sd Writer Drives

(271)Usb Sticks

(13)Utility Knives


(2)Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

(3)Vacuum Cleaner Supplies Or Accessories

(16)Vacuum Cleaners

(9)Vacuum Flasks

(1)Vehicle Navigation Systems Sat Nav

(7)Vehicle Security

(1)Vellum Paper

(20)Vending Cups

(2)Vinyl Tape

(85)Visitor Reception Seating

(2)Visual Presenters


(12)Wall Clocks

(2)Wall Mount Bracket

(31)Wall Planners Or Refills

(2)Washing Machines

(9)Waste Bin Lids

(104)Waste Bins


(1)Wax Based Crayons



(1)Wedding Gifts

(9)Wet Mops

(13)Whiteboard Eraser

(11)Wide Format Inkjet Paper

(68)Window Envelopes

(17)Wireless Adapters

(4)Wireless Lan

(4)Wood Picture Frames

(21)Wooden Pencils

(3)Work Surface Protection Covers

(9)Wrist Rests

(2)Writing Chalk Or Accessories


(10)Xbox 360

(43)Xbox One

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