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Millions of individuals search the internet search engines every day of the week, obviously not everyone of them is looking for a face painter or clown, but those that are, are not in most cases searching for face painters just for the fun of it. They are looking with the intention of hiring your services perhaps for their summer event, party or function and that means only one thing, a job for whoever gets found and chosen.

A very affordable way to gain exposure for your new entertainment business on the internet is to have a small website built. A single page website, hosting, domain name registration and search engine submission can be purchased for less than £150 from If you are looking for a really professional finish and want to give a really good impression its always advisable to have your web pages professionally built and optimised for search engines.

Websites can be a great advertising tool if used as part of your overall advertising strategy. Your domain name (website address) can then be added to your promotional stationery and business cards. This could possibly save you money by you being able to offer your enquirer's a place where they can read more about your services and view your activities, saving you from having to mail out expensive leaflets or brochures every time you receive a customer enquiry.  


Time to advertise
Your entertainment business is up and running, now you need to tell function organisers that you're available.
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What are the best types of advertising that will really work for entertainment businesses?
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Getting into events Useful advice and our tips on how to obtain bookings at events and shows.
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Promotional ideas
The simple, least expensive methods often work the best.
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On the internet
A website will make your business more accessible to U.K event organisers.
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Websites can be a great advertising tool if they can be found on the search engines. The reality is that if there are five hundred children's entertainment  businesses listed on the search engines, all with similar keywords and descriptions within their pages, all fighting for listings within the first five pages of results, it doesn't take much mathematics to work out that 400 of those children's entertainment businesses are going to be on pages six or higher of results displayed.


Well that's not too bad you're probably thinking, but most searchers get bored after about six to ten pages and your business could end up on page twenty or so.


However, there is a way to jump the queue, the next time you're on a search engine type in children's entertainers with a county of your choice and look at the websites always listed within the first couple of pages, then look at whether any of those websites offer value advertising or suitable related listings on their sites. If they do you should seriously consider purchasing a position or placing an advert.


Placing adverts on high ranking websites will also increase your own website ranking as most search engine spiders look for the amount of external websites linking into your own and therefore gives more prominence to your site if more are linking to it.



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