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Seeking CRB approval
The CRB do not approve or provide any approval certification for any individuals and therefore children's entertainment businesses who are stating that they have CRB approval in any details provided to potential customers or on websites are in fact misleading them. However if at some stage a registered body has CRB checked a particular individual they can state they have been CRB CHECKED but must include when the check was made and which registered body made the check.

The impact on your business
It's important to put this into perspective and the consequences to your new children's entertainment business if too much emphasis is put up on criminal records, police checks etc. From a business point of view too much information up front can put off potential customers from booking your services. Of course you want to let them know that you are safe to work with children and that you have nothing to hide so provide the information in a subtle and sensitive way.

Belonging to a recognised entertainment CRB registered organisation that performs a CRB check on its members may be a way of telling your potential customers or if you have been booked by a hospital or local school that ran a check, you may be able to use that as a recommendation. Alternatively the police headquarters in your area can issue your local criminal record details for a small fee but carefully consider whether this is absolutely necessary to provide.


Important step  
Regulations are in place to protect the public from risks.
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Product safety
Regulations will or may apply to some products you use.
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CRB checks
Will this effect you and your business?
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Tax and VAT
Have you notified official departments of your change to self employment?
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Insurance cover
Liability cover for businesses is required by law.
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Local councils
Register your new business with your local council.
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