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CRB Criminal Records Bureau checks
This has been and still is a bit of a grey area for many children's entertainers and those providing children's services such as face painting and party organising with some entertainers claiming to be CRB approved and others not quite understanding what is involved. The first thing to establish is exactly what is the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and what it does. The CRB's (run by the government) aim is to help organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to identify candidates unsuitable to work with children or other vulnerable members of society by providing a one stop searchable database of individuals with police records.

Who can request a CRB check?
Under current legislation (01/07) self employed individuals cannot request a CRB check on themselves, additionally parents or individuals who directly employ the services of a particular person (entertainer) cannot apply for a CRB check on that particular person. However registered bodies such as schools, hospitals, employment agency's and voluntary organisations can request a CRB check on potential employees whether employed or hired casually or full time. Therefore should the parent above book the services of an individual entertainer through a CRB registered body,  that body can request a CRB check on the individual and provide the parent with a recommendation whether or not to use the services of that particular individual.

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