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Diversify into other areas
Expanding your business opens up a wide range of opportunities to diversify into other areas of mobile catering. Your business may be working very well at the moment selling traditional hot dogs and burgers, so you may be planning to purchase another catering trailer to sell the same proven products, but food trends change and event organisers requirements also change, if hot dogs and burgers go out of fashion next year you don't want to be stuck with two catering trailers fitted for selling identical products. 

Building up a fleet of different specialist catering units rather than selling all the same products can help  reduce the risk of expanding by keeping your business flexible enough to be able to adapt to food trends and event organisers changing requirements. Guaranteed if you've got two catering trailers selling hot dogs and burgers everyone will want everything but. Look at possibly adding a specialist unit such as savoury or sweet crêpes, coffee or juices, pancakes or donuts, fried chicken or prawns, oriental foods etc.

We've all heard the saying "don't put all your eggs (or hotdogs) in one basket". Advice well worth taking notice of. However, if you're building a mobile catering business around a particular food product perhaps a franchise, you may find it more difficult to diversify into other areas and other products.



Time to expand
Your bookings are increasing, but is it the right time to think about growing your business?
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Borrowing to grow
Is it possible to expand your mobile catering business without increasing your borrowing?
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Financial planning
Plan your finances before you take the leap and expand your business.
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Don't put all your eggs (or hotdogs) in one basket.
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Employing help
You can't keep doing everything yourself and you will need to employ at some stage.
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