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After your initial planning to start up a rides or amusements hire business your head is probably full of new ideas and plans on how you're going to make money at hiring and operating your new rides and amusements but before you go any further you need to take time to read this very important section.
This is the most important step under our start up a rides and amusements hire business section and applies to all fun fair rides, amusement rides and inflatable amusement ride operators. Safety regulations are in place to protect the general public from all possible risks and hazards and as a new amusement or ride operator you have a responsibility to adhere to those regulations and ensure that every ride or amusement you hire out or operate is safe to use, inspected annually and has an up to date safety certificate. Public safety and welfare should be the number one priority for your rides hire business.
This area is aimed at providing you with general rides and amusements safety advice with pointers to help you when setting up a new rides and amusements hire business. We strongly advise that all persons considering starting a new rides or amusement hire business should contact their rides or amusement manufacturer and relevant bodies mentioned throughout the following pages for all up to date legislation and information on any of the topics covered throughout this section. Free HSE safety publications, information and up to date news covering all aspects of amusement ride safety are available from government information websites.  



Important step  
Safety regulations are in place to protect the public from safety risks.
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Safety at play
Follow our good practice guide to playing safely.
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PIPA scheme
All inflatable play equipment that falls within the scheme should have a PIPA tag.
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ADIPS scheme
The amusement device inspection procedures scheme.
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Insurance cover
For amusement businesses is required by law.
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Local councils
Register your new business with your local council.
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