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Time to market and advertise your business   
After lots of planning, complying with regulations and purchasing an ice cream van your new mobile ice cream business is finally up and running. Now all you need to do is tell everybody that you're in business and that your mobile ice cream services are available to any event or function organisers who may need them.

Buying an ice cream van, parking it on your driveway and waiting for the telephone to ring is a typical scenario for individuals who take up mobile ice cream selling. You may know that you have just bought the best looking ice cream van for a 50 mile radius, that you will be selling the best products at the best prices and will be offering the best service for miles around but nobody else will know or have ever heard of you.

Many new mobile ice cream businesses without regular rounds struggle within the first twelve months to get their ice cream vans out and working. Mainly due to firstly not realising the seasonal aspect of the business and secondly leaving it too late into the season to start advertising and marketing. Promoting your business to the right audience namely event organisers will cost you some money, it's part and parcel of being in business, if you don't advertise you won't get any work and the money you just spent on that lovely new ice cream van would have been completely wasted.   

Hopefully we can give you a few ideas and money saving tips to help you start promoting and advertising your new mobile ice cream business. To continue reading on please use the key points navigation bar.


Time to advertise
Your new mobile ice cream business is up and running, now you need to tell everybody that you're available.
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What are the best types of advertising that will really work well for your mobile ice cream business?
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Getting into events Useful advice and our tips on how to obtain pitches at events and shows.
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Promotional ideas
The simple, least expensive methods often work the best.
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On the internet
A website will make your business more accessible to U.K event organisers.
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Websites can be a great advertising tool.
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