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What's involved continued
Regardless of the image portrayed by TV soaps and TV advertisements of the typical scruffy burger bar owners in a worn out catering unit, this is definitely not what the general public or event organiser is looking for. Cleanliness, professionalism, quality safe to eat products and an excellent service is what is expected today, and those mobile caterers who are meeting those demands are running very successful businesses.

Every business has it's up and downs, guaranteed there will be days when you're stood in the freezing cold wandering why you started this business, days when you'll be sweating from the cooking heat and sun, days when you get drenched through setting up your trailer, days when you'll get home early in the morning completely exhausted, but the best days are when you empty the cash register and think to yourself "I would never earn that much working for someone else".

Whatever type of business you decide to start it will require a whole lot more commitment than a nine to five job to succeed and anybody that tells you different, will probably have a financial reason for doing so.

At the end of the day you work for yourself, you answer to no one but yourself and every pound profit you make is yours. The more effort you put in, the more  reward you will get out and who knows in five years time you could have a whole fleet of catering trailers at events throughout the country.




The initial idea
Have you ever considered starting your own mobile catering business?
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What's involved
It looks so easy, but what's it really like running your own business?
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Where to trade
Plan where your customers will be and where you can legally trade.
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Foods to sell
Something unique, different, in tune with food trends and that will attract the buying public.
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Business plan
Financial planning is essential for your new mobile catering business to work.
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