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What types of foods to sell
This is where the real fun begins, deciding which food  products your new mobile catering business will sell.  You may be thinking of selling something unique, something different, something in tune with the latest healthy food trends, but most importantly, you need to find something that will sell with a good profit margin and attracts the public to buy over and over again.

Many new mobile catering businesses fall into the trap of choosing to theme their business around only one particular food product and find that as a consequence they do not appeal to the vast majority of the buying public, therefore resulting in the business failing through struggling to sell enough of their products.

You may love a particular type of food and think that everyone else will, but how many other people do you know who do and will pay regularly to eat that particular food. Do your home work, just because you've never seen another mobile caterer selling the same food product does not necessarily mean you've hit upon a niche market. It could be that more experienced mobile caterers have found that the product was difficult to prepare, cooking times were too long, safe storage was difficult or it simply did not have a wide enough appeal and was very difficult to sale. Yes, you could argue that they didn't sell the product as you intend to, but at the end of the day you're in business to make money and not trying to prove a point.  

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The initial idea
Have you ever considered starting your own mobile catering business?
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What's involved
It looks so easy, but what's it really like running your own business?
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Where to trade
Plan where your customers will be and where you can legally trade.
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Foods to sell
Something unique, different, in tune with food trends and that will attract the buying public.
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Business plan
Financial planning is essential for your new mobile catering business to work.
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