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What's involved
It looks so easy, but what's it really like running your own mobile catering business? In short no different than running any other type of business, from our own personal experience of owning three businesses at different times, including mobile catering for many years it requires a lot of hard, sometimes physical work, dedication and perseverance to make it work.

The main point to remember is that your mobile catering business will require you to go out and find the customers (unless you have a fixed trading position), whereas a shop in the high street always has passing trade which they need to attract in. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, the shop in the high street will be paying huge business rents - rates and will have competition on the doorstep, whereas your mobile catering business will probably only end up paying a pitch fee for the day or weekly site rent, plus you will be able to pick and choose where you operate for the best financial gain.

Unfortunately many individuals who plan to start up mobile catering are under the impression that they can pick up a cheap trailer, park it wherever they like and start trading. The reality is that with all the current food safety regulations and roadside trading laws those individuals fail to make it past the first six months in business through a lack of planning.

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The initial idea
Have you ever considered starting your own mobile catering business?
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What's involved
It looks so easy, but what's it really like running your own business?
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Where to trade
Plan where your customers will be and where you can legally trade.
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Foods to sell
Something unique, different, in tune with food trends and that will attract the buying public.
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Business plan
Financial planning is essential for your new mobile catering business to work.
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