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What types of foods to sell continued
There are three main ways of looking at how to choose the right food products to sell, one way of thinking is to stick with the traditional fast food products (burgers, hot dogs, chips etc) which, regardless of food trends, government warnings and media healthy eating campaigns always seem to out sell the more healthy or specialist food options on the menu. Food storage and preparation can be simpler and a fairly extensive menu can be created from very few products. Traditional fast foods will provide a good reliable steady income and are ideal for the new startup mobile catering business.

The second way is to opt to go down the more healthier and specialist route with products such as baked jacket potatoes, salad filled baguettes, crepes, oriental meals etc. The downside to this option is that as previously mentioned you may run the risk of narrowing your appeal, some products may take longer to prepare and cooking times for products may be longer than traditional fast foods. The upside is that people who are looking for something more healthier will pay a premium for good quality specialist products.

The best and third way is to combine the above two food types, by providing both a selection of traditional fast food products with a selection of healthy alternatives such as baked jacket potatoes you will be appealing to all tastes and keeping everybody happy. As a new startup business you need to keep the money flowing and not turn away potential customers through not being able to accommodate their requirements.   



The initial idea
Have you ever considered starting your own mobile catering business?
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What's involved
It looks so easy, but what's it really like running your own business?
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Where to trade
Plan where your customers will be and where you can legally trade.
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Foods to sell
Something unique, different, in tune with food trends and that will attract the buying public.
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Business plan
Financial planning is essential for your new mobile catering business to work.
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