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Where to operate your amusements or rides
Before committing yourself to starting an amusements or rides hire business careful consideration has to be applied to who and where your customers will be, your target age groups and where you are actually going to be able to legally operate your amusements or rides business. Depending on size and space required, each of the various amusements and rides on the market will have their limitations to where they can be operated and this should also be taken into consideration.  

There are two main ways in which to operate your amusement rides business depending mainly upon the type of amusement, inflatable or ride that you are planning to purchase. Firstly owner operated (wet hire), where the amusement or ride is continually supervised by the owner or staff working for the owner. This works well at events, shows or permanent positions such as high streets or shopping centres and has the benefit of making liability insurance cover easier to obtain.

Secondly, hirer or customer operated (dry hire) which is  best suited if you plan to hire out small bouncy castles and inflatable games, side show attractions etc to private hirers for children's parties, corporate functions and some smaller events such as school fundays. Particularly where the organiser is looking to operate the amusement and charge per child. The downside is that (depending on the type of amusement) liability insurance cover can be a lot harder to obtain.





The initial idea
Have you ever considered starting your own rides or amusements hire business?
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What's involved
It looks so easy, but what's it really like running your own amusement rides hire business?
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Where to operate
Plan where your customers will be and where you can operate your rides.
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What amusement
A unique ride or amusement that will attract your target audience.
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Business plan
Financial planning is essential for your new amusement ride hire business.
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Useful terminology

Wet hire - Amusements and equipment may be "wet hired" i.e. with the owner or staff operating and manning the amusement or ride.
Dry hire
- Amusements and equipment may be "dry hired" i.e. without the owner or staff operating and manning the amusement or ride

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