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Funding growth
In an ideal world we would all love to expand our business using the profits we've already made and without needing to borrow any extra funds. Very few businesses manage to expand without some form of additional funding particularly if they have only been going for a short period and although business may have been good, have not had time to accumulate large reserves of capital to reinvest in the business.

A new ice cream van conversion and additional associated equipment could easily amount to several tens of thousands of pounds that you may need to borrow. Keep your borrowing to a minimum and the risk involved is reduced, your business expansion plans are more likely to succeed without a huge financial burden. If it looks too costly at the moment try scaling down your plans or hold off for another 12 months while you accumulate additional capital from your profits.

Obtaining funding for expanding a mobile ice cream business can be real fun and games. Many mainstream commercial lenders and some banks tend to have a very limited knowledge of the mobile ice cream industry and it tends to be a case of educating the lender or bank about how your mobile ice cream van business operates before you even get down to showing figures. Consequently the lack of knowledge tends to lead to higher interest rates on loans and generally poor deals.
Another option may be to look at specialist commercial funding companies who specialise in arranging loans and finance for small to medium businesses.


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Funding growth
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