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How do I get into events?
Out of all the services, business subjects and products villagefetes covers, the most frequently asked questions that we get asked by individuals starting any of our covered businesses is, "How do I get into events"? and "Where can I get a list of UK events with organisers contact details"? These are also the most difficult questions for us to answer because there are no exact methods or procedures to follow. Hopefully we can give you a few pointers and useful advice on how to apply for pitches at events in the following paragraphs.

Just because you've bought a brand new catering trailer and intend to offer the best fast food for miles around doesn't necessarily mean that every event organiser is going to think the same and welcome you to their events with open arms. You will have knock backs, but don't give up, its all part of the business learning curve you're on. The quicker you realise this, the more successful your new mobile catering business will be.

Let's start with a few facts first and dispel some of the myths surrounding getting pitches at events. Firstly, you need to understand how most events are now organised. Most UK events large or small are now very professionally organised, very commercialised and treated as small businesses. Planning for most events takes place many, many months before the event is held and applications for pitches are usually submitted anything up to twelve months in advance.   

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Regarding the second question villagefetes nor any of our other websites produce a list of UK events and have no plans to do so in the foreseeable future.

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