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Low cost ideas to help you promote your business
Advertising does not always have to cost a fortune and there are numerous simple low cost advertising ideas that can help you promote your business name and your business message to individuals who may use your services. The simple, least expensive advertising methods often work the best and are often missed out in preference to big expensive glossy advertisements in magazines and publications. To help you when you come to preparing your new mobile catering business advertising campaign we have put together a few low cost ideas that you may want to consider. 

There is no doubt, that your business vehicle has the greatest advertising potential. Whether it is simply your logo name, contact details and website address or a full blown coloured advert, either way you cannot lose! Studies show that your vehicle gets seen much more by the human eye than any other form of advertising. So why waste the space? This can also apply to the rear of your catering trailer, just think of how many vehicles will see your message as you travel from event to event. Remember to keep the advertising message short, clear, simple, easy to read by passing vehicles and most importantly professionally sign written.

The best part is it can be added to your vehicle and catering trailer for very little expense and we have a variety of companies who will provide sign writing  services in our marketing directory of business services.

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Promotional ideas 
The simple, least expensive methods often work the best.
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