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You need to understand how the system works.
No doubt you've been to a large event and seen mobile catering units around every corner at that event and thought it should be easy to get into. Many catering concessions of the UK larger events and major shows are tendered out to large established mobile catering companies, who in some cases pay tens of thousands of pounds to secure the tender for those events. That catering company will then, if they do not have sufficient units themselves to cover the event will offer sub tenders or concessions to smaller mobile catering business, who often end up paying hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds per day for a catering concession at the event.  

Medium sized events tend to operate slightly different where the event organisers will source a selection of mobile caterers and will either ask for them to tender for individual concessions or will have a fixed price per day per concession. Smaller event organisers who only require one or two catering units will usually source mobile caterers individually and a fee is usually arranged, either a fixed amount per day or in some cases a percentage of the days takings.

Thinking of just pulling up on the day and hoping that you might be let in or planning to offer the man at the gate a few pounds to get in. Think again! Not only will you insult the event organiser who will blacklist you from future events, but give your mobile catering business a bad reputation before you get started. 

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