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Another idea is to look at all the disposable products that you will be providing with your food products, items such as paper napkins, disposable cups and containers can all be sign written with your logo and business name. I know what you're thinking, people will only throw these items in the bin anyway, so why have your business name on them? It's all about building a  brand, looking professional and making the public aware of who you are and importantly showing the public that you want them to know who you are. The last time you bought a hot dog from a mobile caterer can you honestly remember the name of their business or anything about them except that they just happened to be there when you were looking for refreshments.

Although the initial expense of having the first batch of disposables produced with your logo on can be slightly higher and may require you to buy a larger quantity initially the ongoing cost thereafter usually levels out. When was the last time you bought a McDonald's milkshake in a plain white paper cup?  

While we're talking about disposable products, what about the rubbish bin that will have prime position at the front of your catering trailer where everyone can see it? Even your rubbish bin can be branded or themed to match the rest of your business with a logo, business name, website address and even shaped to suit your requirements. Take a look under our marketing directory for promotional products.

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