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Food safety, what to expect
It is a legal requirement that all food handling businesses regardless of size, type or what organisation they belong to, to register with their local environmental health department within their local council. You will need to register your business with them at least 28 days prior to commencing your new mobile catering business. This will give your local environmental health officer time to make arrangements to inspect your food preparation area, catering trailer, food storage facilities and to discuss with you your written risk/hazard assessment and give you advice where needed before you start trading. 

Each local council will insist that you pay particular attention to the current hygiene regulations and receive training to achieve the "Basic food hygiene certificate" and will require that you carry out regular written "hazard assessments" and a written "food safety management system" which you must be able to produce upon request. Regular inspections of catering trailers, vans, stalls and premises where food is stored or prepared should also be expected.

Food hygiene regulations are in place to protect the public from all possible types of food risks. As a mobile caterer you have a responsibility to adhere to those regulations and ensure every food product you sell is safe to consume. Local council food hygiene officers are there to help your business to comply with food safety regulations, so get as much information and as many free publications that they have available.



Important step  
Regulations are in place to protect the public from risks.
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Food safety
What to expect and how to comply with food regulations.
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Hazard analysis
What is it and how to prepare one.
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Licensing laws
After hours trading laws apply to you.
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Insurance cover
Required by law.
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Roadside trading
Store fronts and travelling to events outside your area.
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Local councils
Find your local environmental health department.
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