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Mobile catering insurance cover
Every mobile catering business is required to provide public liability insurance cover and if you employ staff you must provide employers liability insurance by law. Getting the right specialist insurance cover for your mobile catering business is a necessity and although the whole insurance cover subject may sound a bit confusing you may find the following information  useful when contacting insurance companies. So we have set out below some of the used terminology and important pointers to consider.

Public liability insurance
Will cover you for claims made against you or your business if you unintentionally cause food poisoning or injury to any member of the public or cause damage to property. These types of claims although rare can be for huge sums of money so adequate public liability cover is essential, usually £5m - £10m. Find specialist mobile catering insurance cover providers and companies in our business services directory.

Employers liability insurance
Will cover you for claims made against you or your business by any of your employees should they have an accident or incident resulting in a claim. Again, although rare can be for huge sums so adequate employers liability cover is essential, usually £10m plus. This product is often linked and combined with the public liability insurance product above.

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Important step  
Regulations are in place to protect the public from risks.
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Food safety
What to expect and how to comply with food regulations.
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Hazard analysis
What is it and how to prepare one.
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Licensing laws
After hours trading laws apply to you.
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Insurance cover
Required by law.
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Roadside trading
Store fronts and travelling to events outside your area.
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Local councils
Find your local environmental health department.
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