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Roadside trading
A lot of confusion over where you are allowed to legally trade is often experienced by many individuals who plan to start up mobile catering. Unfortunately many individuals are under the impression that they can park their catering trailers wherever they like and start trading. The reality is that with all the regulations and roadside trading laws those individuals often find themselves on the wrong side of the law, in dispute with their local council and in extreme cases legal proceedings been taken against them to prevent them parking and trading on the roadside or in a lay-by.    
If you are still keen to operate your catering unit from a lay-by or roadside talk to your local council first, many have a list of specific lay-bys and places where they allow traders and often concessions are offered on a twelve month licence. Whatever you do, don't pull into a lay-by and start trading without permission first, once you have lost your councils trust in you and your mobile catering business its very hard to get it back. 
Private property or store fronts
Many individuals new to mobile catering opt to position their new catering trailers on private property, industrial estates or on DIY store fronts etc. Once you have found yourself a good position you will still have to comply with certain regulations that may be in place. Just because you're on private property it does not make you immune to local planning and safety laws.

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Important step  
Regulations are in place to protect the public from risks.
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Food safety
What to expect and how to comply with food regulations.
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Hazard analysis
What is it and how to prepare one.
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Licensing laws
After hours trading laws apply to you.
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Insurance cover
Required by law.
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Roadside trading
Store fronts and travelling to events outside your area.
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Local councils
Find your local environmental health department.
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