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Hazard analysis
Under the current food safety regulations 1995 you are legally required to carry out a food hazard analysis of all your food activities. It is also a legal requirement for small and larger catering businesses to produce a documented system of all food preparation processes known as "a written food safety management system" which you must be able to produce upon request.
On inspection your local environmental health officer will have greater confidence in you and your new business if you spend the time to prepare a hazard analysis or food risk assessment for him to inspect. It will also act as a training manual for employees who will be working for you. So what is a hazard analysis and how would you prepare one?
A hazard analysis is an understanding and written list of procedures involved in let's say for example preparing a hot jacket potato and cold coleslaw topping which is designed to eliminate any possible food hazard risk in its production.     
Firstly, You will need to identify all the stages and processes required to produce the finished product that you or your staff will use. This will include: purchase from wholesaler or supplier and delivery, collection and storage, preparation processes, cooking processes, displaying (hot or cold), serving to customer and the use of any leftovers.  

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Important step  
Regulations are in place to protect the public from risks.
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Always keep an up to date first aid box with a good selection of blue waterproof plasters. Finally make sure you have a fully serviceable fire extinguisher and fire blanket and learn how to use them.

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