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Hazard analysis continued
After identifying all the potential hazards and putting controls in place you will need to continuously monitor  on a regular basis your system for controlling hazards within your business. Your employees will need to know what they are monitoring, the reason why they are monitoring and what best action to take if a hazard is identified. 
Types of monitoring can include stock control rotation and checking all of "use by" and "best before" dates, regular checking of storage temperatures, cleaning duties and procedures, checking cooking temperatures and monitoring personal hygiene practices (hand washing, hair covers).
Reviewing the system should take place regularly and include your staff to ensure that all the control measures are working and achieving their purpose. A hazard analysis is an ongoing part of your catering business and not just a one off, over time your menu may change, you may introduce new equipment, your premises will change and your employees will possibly change. You are required by law to take appropriate action if you find that controls are not operating affectively.   
For more detailed information you should always contact your local council environmental health officer.
Information parts provided by Sedgemoor District Council



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